Finether Microfiber Spin Mop, Stainless-Steel Bucket and Wringer Set with 360 Degree Swivel Mop Head and 3 Mop Head Replacements for Home and Commercial Use

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FLOOR CLEANING IS EASY: featuring an absorbent microfiber mop head, it picks up dirt, dust, hair and grime on all hard floor surfaces; its handle swivels 180 degrees, easy for you to push it back and forth and manoeuvre around furnitures


TAKE THE MESS OUT WITHOUT A SPLASH: funnel-type press wringer and a swivel mop head allow hands-free wringing via a simple press without splash; 3 slim outlets enable splashing-free emptying without lifting

IDEAL FOR EVERYDAY USE: works on a variety of surfaces, including general floor, wooden floor, cement, ceramic tile and carpet, perfect for apartments, offices, and campers; great sweeper for quick pick-ups throughout the week and  keeping floors dirt free everyday  

USER-FRIENDLY: easy-grip metal handle facilitates lifting and emptying; 3 microfiber mop heads for replacement; with a non-slip pad, the balanced weighted bucket base holds it in place, reducing tipping over and won't scratch your floor

MADE TO LAST: constructed of stainless steel, its wringer is more sanitary and boasts a longer lifespan and resists to rust and corrosion

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