Finether Telescopic Pole Saw Long Reach Pole Pruner Lightweight Tree Trimmer with Bypass Pruner, Saw Blade, Guide Rod |Work Gloves for Free | Extends from 5.91 to 13.12 ft

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  • NO BRANCH IS OUT OF REACH: extends from 5.91 to 13.12 ft in length to help safely cut away branches, twigs or leaves that are difficult to reach or high overhead; no need to drag out a ladder; perfect for pruning trees, thorny bushes, hedges
  • 2 CUTTING OPTIONS: the scissor-action bypass blade trims branches up to 10 mm in diameter, with a detachable saw blade cutting thicker branches. Blades will stay sharp, even after some heavy use! a detachable guide rod for easily targeting the branch
  • HOLDS AS IT CUTS: the cut & hold bypass pruner lets you hold the cut pieces securely until you release, making your pruning or harvesting chores easier
  • EASE OF USE: lightweight aluminum construction and shoulder strap for easy hold and transport; the ergonomic spring-loaded handle will spring back to allow another cut and help reduce hand and wrist fatigue; foam grip on the pole gives a lot of leverage
  • YOUR SAFETY FIRST: press the handle and push the safety lock on the handle inward to lock the blades when not in use; the pin locks lock the pole at the desired height, not worried for collapsing down; a pair of work gloves (included) protect your hands

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